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You want the best solar contractors when planning a solar upgrade to your home. If you’re a resident of Delaware, Southern New Jersey, or Eastern Pennsylvania, then our solar company in the California is the best option for expert installation services. United Clean Power is a leading solar power company in the area and has performed professional solar panel installation to homes across the region.

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You May Qualify for a 30% Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit was just increased to 30% — that’s nearly a third of the cost of your system if purchased between 2022 and 2032. Even better, starting in 2023, if you get solar storage batteries, you may qualify for a 30% tax credit on those as well! Home solar has never been this affordable, find out how much you can save today.

Energy Rates Are Skyrocketing

Electricity costs are rising across the country, and utility companies charge more when they know you need electricity most.  Take control of your energy and find out how much you can save on United Clean Power home solar.

Harvest The Power Of Sun

Solar Energy Systems Let You Produce Your Own Clean Energy While Saving the Environment

Dramatically Reduce Your Electric Bill

Dramatically Reduce Your Electric Bill

Qualifying homes can save hundreds of dollars each year simply by using our no money down options and utility bill price protection. Depending on the scale of your system and its estimated output, our solar company in the Delaware Valley will help you eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels.

Give Your Home a Modernized Makeover With No Investment

Give Your Home a Modernized Makeover With No Investment

The professionals at our solar energy company use only the newest solar technologies, including low-profile solar panels. All of the wiring will be hidden, resulting in a clean system that complements your home's design. Additionally, because solar homes often sell for up to $15,000* more than conventional homes, switching to solar will help you receive more when it’s on the market

Solar Installers You Can Trust In the Mid-Atlantic Region

Solar Installers You Can Trust In the Mid-Atlantic Region

The leaders of our top solar company have over 15 years of combined industry experience installing photovoltaic solar systems. They also have an established track record of providing prompt and efficient service to clients throughout the United States. Every step of the way, the local solar contractors at United Clean Power will make sure you know what to expect next.


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The transition to renewable energy sources is an important part of reducing fossil fuel usage, and our solar company in the California is dedicated to helping homeowners make that switch. United Clean Power is at the front lines of the fight for a cleaner future, and we have the best solar contractors on our team to make it happen.

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